The thoughtful handling of resources and the use of renewable materials is our highest priority. Our innovative production process helps us to achieve our own standards to create a high-quality luxury product based on a biodegradable biopolymer mixed with various natural minerals.

We currently offer three different raw materials, each representing one color option that we call White, Nature and Wood.

WHITE - a soft mate white.
NATURE - a light warm beige.
WOOD - a darker brown with the impression of wood.

All materials are extremely lightweight, but robust and durable at the same time. A slightly rough surface creates a valuable and beautiful natural look and feel.

All materials are well translucent; they create a gentle and smooth atmosphere that lights up the complete room. The materials White and Nature are more translucent than Wood, which creates a more muted mood of light.

You can influence the mood and intensity of light by your choice of light bulb - our standard E27 bulb socket gives you maximum flexibility.

We are happy to send you samples of our material options, just click here.

We charge a little fee for the Sample Box, but we will credit the full amount once you place an order.