Do you have a shop or showroom?

We currently have a Showroom in Berlin, Ackerstrasse 23, 10115.
The showroom is open Monday - Friday from 10:00 - 18:00 and Saturday's from 11:00 - 17:00.

For an individual appointment, let us know in advance so we can be sure to be there to greet you. Many thanks.

Beyond our Berlin showroom, we not have any other showrooms or stores yet.  We will happily consult online or over the phone, should you have any further questions.


How can I customise a Polyluma light?

Thanks to our unique production process our lights can be customized to perfectly match your interior concept or style.

You can customize the following options with each product on our website:

- Design of shades (10 designs)
- Material of shades (white, natural, wood)
- Size of shades (200mm, 300mm)
- Canopy
- Color of cables
- Length of cables

If you are looking to complete special project or would like further customisation, please let us know. As each light is made to order, so we can likely accomodate individual requests. 


How long is the delivery time?

We try our best to work fast, but we do not compromise quality and precision. We produce and assemble every individual lamp to order. Consequently, we have an average delivery time of approximately 4 weeks. If you have an urgent order, get in touch with us and we can see what we can do.


What material are the shades made of?

Our specially developed biopolymer is enriched with natural raw resources such as corn starch, minerals and other natural ressources. Blending different mixes of these natural ingredients create our various material options - white, natural and wood.

WHITE: a soft matte white with the look and feel of chalk.
NATURAL: a warm bright beige with a natural organic look.

The material is extremely light and yet robust. It has a somewhat rough surface which creates a very beautiful natural feel and look.

All material options are well translucent and enable a very harmonic glow that lights up the entire room. The choice of light source allows you to influence the mood and intensity of the light, regardless of the material.

Find more information on our materials here.


What size are the lampshades?

We currently offer two different sizes of lamp shades, 20 cm and 30 cm diameter. 

We can also mix both sizes, for example in a Random5 with two 30cm shades and three 20cm shades - that looks amazing. Just let us know if you are interested in such a custom light, we are happy to chat.


Can we order samples of the material the lampshades are made of?

We are happy to send you a Sample Box that helps you choose the right material for your Polyluma light.
The Sample Box includes the miniature lamp shades in three different lamp designs and produced with our three materials White, Nature and Wood.

Please note: the Samples are useful to check the color of the material options available, the print quality of the original shades is much better / flawless.

We will credit the full cost of the Sample Box when you place an order with us. Click here to get your Samples.


Can I mix material options when customizing my light(s)?

Yes, you can. If you wish to mix different material for your shades, please place the request in the notes of your order (in the check out process), thanks.


Can I choose the cable length / length of the complete light?

The shades can be mounted at any height. The vertical distance between the shades can also be individually designed; some customers prefer a narrow look and others a like them more spaced, creating an airy feel.

Our cables are textile-coated and can be shortened to the desired length very easily. All you have to do is order them long enough, so they can be customised.

Cables can be ordered in 2, 3 or 5 meter lengths. The cable length refers to the individual cable, measured from the canopy to the shade. For example, if you order a Random3 lamp with 2m cable, you will receive three times 2m cable.

We can also supply longer cable lengths on request.


Are there cable colours other than black or white?

Yes, there is a wide range of cable colours available, upon request for a small extra charge.


How heavy is a Polyluma lamp?

Our lamps are very light due to the material and the filigree workmanship. A Polyluma Mono weighs approx. 350 gramms (shade, cable, socket, canopy). The closed canopy weighs approx. 550 gr, so that a Random3 lamp weighs approx. 1500 gr and a Random5 lamp approx. 2100 gr.


Can a Polyluma lamp be used in the bathroom?

Although our lamps do not yet have an official IP certification, they can be used in the bathroom without any problems. Our shades can even be cleaned under water.


Does a light with several lampshades also need a corresponding number of power outlets?

No, for every Polyluma lamp we will send you the respective power distributor.  You only need one electricity outlet to connect a light - it's very simple.


Which light bulbs can be used?

We use a standard E27 socket, which offers maximum flexibility in the choice of light source: any E27 LED bulb (4-13 watts) can be used, including dimmable bulbs.

Our recommendation: 2700k for the material white and nature.

Please note, light bulbs are not included in the delivery.


What's the diameter of the canopy?

The diameter of the canopy depends on the respective lamp. Here our standard options:

/ Polyluma Mono: 8 cm diameter, available in white and black. We can also deliver 12 cm diameter on request.

/ Polyluma Random - open canopy: 11 cm diameter, available in white and black. Ceiling hooks included to create the necessary distance between the cables.

/ Polyluma Random 2 - Random 7 - closed canopy: 28 cm diameter, standard in white (black possible on request).

/ Polyluma Random 10 - closed canopy: 45 cm diameter, standard in white (black possible on request). 

Can the canopy be installed on a sloping ceiling?

Yes, they can.

The listed lights function well with our standard canopy up to the mentioned degree:

  • Mono / Cluster / Random 2: works always
  • Random 3: up to 40 degrees
  • Random 5: up to 45 degrees 
  • Random 7: up to 28 degrees 

For a higher degree the distance between the cables will be too small. However, we can offer the following two alternatives:

a) We deliver a bigger canopy with 40cm diameter which allows a steeper pitch of the roof.

b) We supply an "open canopy" free of charge. This is available as an option with the Random2 or Random3 - it allows the individual cables to be mounted very flexibly.

For special installations, we are available for consultation and will find the best solution together.

Tip: If you don't know the level of your angle of your ceiling, you can measure it with a free iPhone App called Tape Measure.


How to install the canopy?

The installation is pretty standard and simple. Each order comes with a metal rail that requires two screws and wall plugs to be fixed to the ceiling. Please note, screws are not included in the order as different ceilings require different screws. All other parts are included in the order, together with an instruction manual - click here for download.

We recommend to install the canopy first and then to attach the shade(s) to minimizes the risk of dropping a shade.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with value you wish to purchase and we can create the gift voucher for you. You can send a custom message for you to make it a personal gift.


Can I return the lamp after delivery?

Your lamp in made-to-order with your preferrence, but you have the right to return the lamp within 14 days. Upon return, we will refund the full purchase price. The lamp needs to be returned in an undamaged condition.

Find details about the Right of Withdrawal here.

On request, we can send our customers from Germany a return label, free of charge. Unfortunately, return costs from abroad are borne by the customer - thank you for your understanding.


Do you sell single shades?

Our shades are durable and don't break very easily. However, if you ever need to replace a broken shade: no problem, we sell single shades to existing customers:
Click here for shades with a 20 cm diameter. 
Click here for shades with a 30 cm diameter. 


Do you ship internationally?

For the moment, we ship to every country in Europe. A global shipping is coming soon.


Can you take custom orders, for example lights with more than seven shades?

As a true manufactory, we are pretty flexible and happy to discuss custom orders. We have crafted canopies in different sizes and shapes and built lights with up to 19 shades. Just get in touch with us.


More questions? Please let us know and we can try to help.