Lights made in Berlin

Design is our passion.
Nature is our inspiration.
Sustainability a matter of course.
We craft lamps.


Nature is our inspiration and model of an organic aesthetic reflected in the design of all our shades. As a result, all shades can be combined very harmoniously.


Freedom in the configuration of our lamps result in an individual product that perfectly suits every room concept. You can freely choose and combine the design and material of our lampshades. There are also options of color and length of the cable and even the canopy.


Our shades are produced sustainably based on a bio-polymer that we enrich with natural resources like wood and minerals. Depending on the amount of wood added, we offer two options of material and color: Flax and Wood. Both have a wonderful natural look and feel.


The translucent shades create a warm and smooth atmosphere that fills out the room. Freedom in choosing the light bulb gives additional flexibility to create the desired brightness and mood of light.


Our functionally unique magnet system makes it extremely easy to mount and clean our lights. Shade designs can as well be exchanged simply with a single handle.

3D Print

Our self-developed print technology allows the precise and delicate fabrication of our lampshades with natural resources – the high-quality result is unique in the industry. The production process creates near to zero material waste plus we produce our lamps made to order to avoid unnecessary storage.

Back to earth

With a focus on sustainability, we create our lampshades from natural resources. The base is a biopolymer that we combine with wood and natural minerals. In theory our shades are compostable - but no worries, they are very robust at the same time.


The functional magnetic assembly system of our lamps allows a very easy dust removal and cleaning. The shades can even be put under water if you want to give it a deep clean.


A standard E27 bulb holder offers flexibility in choosing your source of light. The evenly light translucence of the shades gives you additional freedom in selecting your desired brightness and mood of light. Dimmable light bulbs will also work if you prefer to change the atmosphere from time to time.


Polyluma perfectly connects most modern technology with traditional craftmanship. Every lamp is 3D printed in a uniquely developed process and finished by precise handicraft in our modern manufactory based in Berlin, Germany.